As sustainability becomes a focal point in design debate, Silex Fabric emerges as a leader in the pursuit of eco-friendly luxury. Silex Fabric raises the bar for modern upholstery with its exceptional performance, natural cleanability, and intrinsic antibacterial characteristics.

Exploring the Sustainable Luxury of Silex Fabric

In the realm of modern interior design, sustainability and style are no longer mutually exclusive. Enter Silex Fabric - a revolutionary material crafted from 100% silicone with a polyester double knit backing, offering unparalleled performance and eco-friendliness.

Unveiling Silex Fabric:

Silex Fabric stands out for its unique composition. Crafted entirely from silicone with a polyester double knit backing, it boasts exceptional durability and flexibility. This innovative construction ensures optimal recovery and four-way stretch, facilitating effortless upholstering for a seamless finish.

The Sustainability Factor:

Sustainability lies at the heart of Silex Fabric. Free from polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, phthalates, and other harmful substances, it meets stringent environmental standards. Compliant with REACH, RoHS 2.0, LEED v4 & LEED MR Credit 5, CA SECTION 01350 VOC EMISSIONS, and the Healthier Hospitals Initiative, Silex Fabric embodies eco-consciousness in every fiber.

A Healthier Choice:

In addition to its eco-friendly attributes, Silex Fabric boasts inherent antibacterial properties. This intrinsic feature ensures a hygienic environment, making it ideal for commercial applications where cleanliness is paramount.

Versatile Applications:

While Silex Fabric excels in commercial settings, its versatility knows no bounds. From chic office spaces to upscale hospitality venues, Silex Fabric elevates interiors with its luxurious texture and sustainable allure.

Embrace Sustainable Luxury with Silex Fabric:

As sustainability takes center stage in design discourse, Silex Fabric emerges as a frontrunner in the quest for eco-friendly luxury. With its impeccable performance, natural cleanability, and intrinsic antibacterial properties, Silex Fabric redefines the standards of modern upholstery.

Experience the epitome of sustainable luxury - choose Silex Fabric for your next design project.

Suitable Applications: Commercial

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